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Embody & Thrive Retreat
Embody & Thrive Retreat
Sep 10, 2022, 11:00 AM – Sep 11, 2022, 11:00 AM

EMBODY & THRIVE at Crystal Springs Temple is an immersive 24 hour offering created by Alexis Barnett (owner of the Temple and The Crystal Portal), Amanda Boekhout of DIVINE FEM, and Nicole Kraeft of Kraeft Magick.  


This is the first event offering at this magical temple!  We are so excited for you to experience this inspirational space and spring. 


We invite an intimate container of up to 15 women/ women-identifying to participate. 


In this safe and sacred container, we offer a deep dive into cultivating personal devotional embodiment practice to remember and activate the Shakti within.


It is through one another that we remember who we are.  


We are committed to providing a full-days worth of offerings, time for rest and play, dinner, a sleepover, breakfast, sharing circle, and beyond. Guests may choose to camp on site or book a suite (limited).  


Activities begin at 11 am and close the following morning at 11 am. 


To receive the full experience, please plan on staying for the duration of the workshop. Feel free to pack additional food & drink for personal consumption. We are plant medicine friendly. No alcohol. 


We will allow the divine to guide us to the highest vibration of ourselves. 


Some of the embodiment and mirror work curriculum includes:

  • honoring your past selves

  • creating a safe practice space

  • Tending and befriending

  • Designing

  • Body painting/ creative adornment

  • Flirting with the universe

  • Reflection

The private spring is wild and naturally chilly.  A truly magical and wise manifestation of the divine.  

The spring is very deep. There will be floating chairs etc for relaxing in the spring. There are decks and seating areas by the spring to lounge, sunbathe, and connect. There are no alligators.

To swim in the spring is to be deeply nourished and cleansed by the great mother. 

FYI swimming in the spring naked or partially nude is normal and welcomed. 


  • Yoga

  • Guided meditation

  • Private Spring swimming

  • Sound bath with Gong activation 

  • Embodiment/mirror work

  • Personal Goddess Photoshoot

    • 5 edited photos will be provided 1-2 weeks later

  • Clay masks

  • Playtime & relaxation time

  • Vegetarian Dinner & breakfast offerings 

  • Sharing circle

  • Goodie bag to take home

  • Sleepover; Camping is included (must bring a tent)

    • Add-on Lodging available​

Airbnb Suite 1-22.jpg


Airbnb Suite 1-14.jpg

Luxury Bestie Suite

Sleeps up to 4 people


$144 per night


Retro Modern Studio Suite

Sleeps 1-2 people


$111 per night

vibrancy sound healing_edited.jpg

Private Sound Therapy Sessions

1.5 hour sessions

9/9 & 9/11

$99 each session

Meet the Facilitators

We step into service for others to heal and thrive.  


Ripples of frequency and co-creation with the divine occur when women gather together.

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